43 years' experience with international co-ordination and logistics.

Expert in International Removals

At AGS Worldwide Movers we have been moving goods for people for over 43 years. On average, we are involved in moving more than 70,000 families’ goods per year. We offer efficient removal solutions by air, sea or road.

International Removals by Air

Air Transport

We guarantee the best transit times for your international move by having a dedicated team to manage air freight removals at each AGS branch.

Both our private and corporate clients increasingly prefer to use air removals for personal goods which are regarded as essential on arrival. The remaining goods can be moved via the more economical sea freight.

In some countries, for cost and security reasons most international transport is operated via air. Please ask us for advice if you are unsure of the best option for you.

Click here to view the list of dangerous goods that should not be transported by air.

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International Removals via Sea

AGS Movers Shipping ContainersWhen choosing a sea freight company, we take into account the route, harbours, the indicated transit time and the cost of the freight.

With our extended network and the large number of moves we conduct globally, we can choose the most reliable freight companies for any destination. In 2013, the AGS Group exported more than 475 000 m3. This high volume of transported goods means that the AGS Group can negotiate competitive prices in order to guarantee the best value for money.

The volume of our removals also strengthens our negotiating power in regards to service from shipping companies, so you benefit from quicker transit times as well as lower costs.


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Removals via Road

AGS Movers TruckIn view of the growing intra-European traffic, and in line with AGS’ policy of continually improving the quality of its service, the Group has invested over the past few years to perfect one of its most innovative contributions to the removals industry: the European Liftvan (or CE container). This container has become a recurring favourite amongst many of the Group’s customers, both corporate and private, as it combines flexibility with security of transported items.

Easily distinguishable by its proportional cube size and red and white logos, the CE can hold just over 10m3



European container

The container is fully carpeted, providing additional cushioning, and is fitted with fortified fixed points that are used to secure cargo.

It can also be used as a storage facility, if requested by the client, offering the additional benefit of reduced hanEuropean Containersdling of goods. Experience has shown that this significantly minimises any likely damage to personal effects, whilst in transit.



Due to the irrefutable success of the CE in Europe, the Group has introduced this innovation to its Asian network.

European Containers

The advantages of using the CE:

  • The client’s goods are loaded and sealed at their residence.
  • The compact size is suitable for urban environments.
  • Should the client require extra time before delivery, the CE facilitates storage at no extra cost to the client, and it eliminates unnecessary handling of the client’s effects.
  • If any delays occur (e.g. customs delays, warehousing, works in progress at destination), using the CE will ensure that further handling of clients’ effects is avoided.
  • For volumes over 20m³, fully cushioned security containers are used. A side opening facilitates loading and unloading.
  • One container per customer allows us to offer a more secure and flexible service, with improved control of transit time.
  • The CE is reusable, therefore cost-effective and respectful of the environment.

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