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Constantly evolving, AGS eases the removal process by offering customers a smartphone application, which can take us inside your home for a technical visit. The virtual visit provides the AGS move consultant with an estimated volume of items to be moved and any specific requests you may have regarding the removal of your valuables.

Book a virtual visit with our AGS expert to move with peace of mind

Virtual visit with a smartphone

Using the AGS Visio mobile app is quite simple: all you need is a smartphone with Visio Quote and a reliable internet connection. You can download the app Visio Quote from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Once online, you book your free virtual visit with our AGS expert. You register your location, your final destination and the date on which you plan to move. You select the time convenient for you for a virtual tour with our AGS consultant. A booking confirmation via email is sent to you.

An AGS expert remotely estimates the volume of your belongings with a real-time tour of your home. The virtual visit takes less than an hour. The filming is streamed, not recorded.

Read more about the app here.

In order to book your virtual visit online you will need:

A Smartphone

An Internet Connection

AGS Visio Quote Application

Once the Visio Quote mobile Application has been downloaded:

Enter Your Details

Choose a Date

Email Booking Confirmation

The appointment


Our representative will guide you remotely in each room of your home to evaluate the volume to be moved.


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Launching the virtual tour

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