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AGS moves you anywhere, even to the Perhentian Islands

AGS adapts to every move, sometimes taking on exceptional challenges to ensure customer satisfaction. In Malaysia, the team moved personal items to the small Perhentian Islands despite unfavourable weather conditions.

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Published Date: 28 March 2024

Move to the Beautiful Perhentian Islands with AGS Malaysia

AGS Malaysia carried out an unusual move last February. On behalf of a five-star hotel manager, the team transferred personal belongings from the Philippine Islands to the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia.

Known above all for their diving spots, these small islands are located in the South China Sea, some 19km off the northeast coast of the Malay Peninsula and 64km south of the Thai border.


Finding the best solution for your move

AGS Finds the Best Solution for Your Move

From the outset, the move posed a challenge, not least because it was still monsoon season. This means fewer ferries to the Perhentian islands. “Normally, there are two ferries in the morning and two in the evening,” says Cyril Quenneville, who leads AGS Movers Malaysia. “But in February, we had to find a passenger ship ourselves.”

Yewa Loke, AGS Malaysia’s import coordinator, worked for ten days to find the right vessel, the right team, and the smoothest possible logistical flow. “The customer clearly understood the complexity of the task. We kept her informed every step of the way,” assures Cyril.

After securing a boat, AGS waited for good weather to send a truck with 45 boxes of personal items to the northeast of the island. But the truck, carrying 10m3 of belongings, could only travel as far as the hotel’s pontoon. From there, the team loaded the goods onto the pontoon for final delivery to the hotel, where the customer now lives and works. She was very happy with the outcome.


AGS expertise in hard-to-reach places

“We’ve made island deliveries before, like to Langkawi, but until now we’ve been able to rely on our truck to get us to the final destination,” stresses the AGS Malaysia manager. “This was our first time making the exceptional crossing to the Perhentian Islands.”

This delivery is reminiscent of other moves Cyril’s team has carried out in hard-to-reach locations, like the island of Labuan or the town of Bintulu, on Borneo. Each time AGS Malaysia has found a unique solution.

Wherever your destination, AGS adapts, carrying out your move in most efficient and cost-effective way possible. We aim to make your transition to new horizons a smooth, stress-free experience. Get your free moving quote today.

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