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New appointments and promotions – 2019

The AGS Group is proud to announce the following internal appointments, promotions and transfers within the group.

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Published Date: 05 April 2019



Africa network

ags staff jean

Florent Birot
Branch Manager – AGS Movers Abuja

After handing over the management of the AGS Lagos branch to Carole-Anne Duchet, Florent Birot remains in Nigeria, but this time at the Abuja branch. Florent joined the AGS Group almost four years ago, starting as Trainee Manager at AGS Mali where he worked for a year before making the move to AGS Lagos. He has been in Abuja since October 2018.

ags staff frederic-leomant

David Lafontaine
Branch Manager – AGS Movers Cameroon

Recruited in April 2017, David Lafontaine started with the group as a Trainee Manager alongside Guillaume Dehem at the Ivory Coast branch. He already had a great deal of experience in African countries, having travelled to Cameroon numerous times before. It was therefore a natural progression that he’d be given the managerial role at the AGS Douala branch.

ags staff christian

Sylvain Bengler
Branch Manager – AGS Movers Uganda 

Sylvain Bengler joined the group almost 10 years ago as an International Corporate Volunteer in Ghana, before becoming a Trainee Manager in Malawi. In 2012, he took up the Branch Manager’s position in Madagascar where he stayed for only a year before taking over as Branch Manager in Abuja, Nigeria. After five and a half years in Nigeria, Sylvain is experiencing a change of scenery and has been transferred to Uganda, taking over the reins from Carole-Anne Duchet.

ags staff mehdi

Albéric de Colnet
Deputy Branch Manager – AGS Movers Ivory Coast 

Albéric de Colnet started as an International Corporate Volunteer in Cameroon in 2011. After completing several assignments in many of the group’s branches he was promoted to the branch manager position at AGS Lubumbashi in August 2014. Following a sabbatical, Albéric worked alongside Guillaume Dehem in September 2018 as Deputy Manager and has acquired the necessary skills to help develop the different activities of the branch.

ags staff anita

Eric Bellone
Branch Manager – AGS Movers Burkina Faso

Eric Bellone joined the group in July 2018 and received his training at AGS Bordeaux. He took over as Branch Manager of the Burkina Faso branch on 15 November 2018. A former soldier, Eric Bellone is a man of action and will apply the same rigorous principles as required by this position.

ags staff anita

Thierry Stalin
Branch Manager – AGS Movers Congo

Thierry Stalin joined the group in 2013 as an International Corporate Volunteer in Liberia. In early 2015, he became Branch Manager of the Equatorial Guinea branch. At the end of 2018, Thierry accepted a new challenge in the Congo, succeeding Panagiotis Poulot as branch manager.

ags staff anita

Panagiotis Poulot
 Branch Manager – AGS Movers Senegal

After seven years at the Congo branch and having strengthened the group’s presence in this country, Panagiotis Poulot now faces a new challenge in Senegal. He takes over the management of this branch with a strong sales potential.

Chaka Buhendwa
Branch Manager – AGS Movers Zambia

Chaka Buhendwa joined the group as an International Corporate Volunteer and continued his career with the group as a Trainee Branch manager in Botswana, and then Ghana. In 2015, he took over the management of Guinea Bissau and has recently moved to Zambia where he will be responsible for the management of the AGS Zambia branch.

France network

Paul-Alexandre Neveu
 Branch Manager – AGS Movers Le Mans

Paul-Alexandre Neveu joined AGS Toulouse as Trainee Manager in May 2018. He was promoted to the AGS Le Mans Branch Manager role in November 2018.

ags staff jean

Cédric Herlin
Branch Manager – AGS Movers Lyon

Cédric Herlin returns to the group. He started in 2010 at AGS Abu Dhabi and AGS Dubai, where he managed operations and sales. He then became Deputy Manager at AGS Mozambique for two years, before leaving the group to gain experience in Asia. He has recently returned to the group via its French network and takes up the Branch Manager’s position at AGS Lyon.

Asia network

Elliot MacMahon
Branch Manager – AGS Movers Hong Kong

With Grégory Seitz’s departure from the group, Elliot McMahon has taken over the reins at this branch. Elliot returns to where he started his career with the AGS Group as Trainee Branch Manager (2013), after which he was appointed to the position of Branch Manager for AGS in the Philippines in 2014. During his time in the Philippines, Elliot was selected as one of the Top 12 Managers of the group for three consecutive years (2015 – 2017).

ags staff jean

Mika Bruun
Branch Manager – AGS Movers Philippines

Making the move from Africa to Asia, Mika Bruun has taken over the role of Branch Manager for AGS Philippines from Elliot. Mika was appointed as Branch Manager at AGS Tanzania in 2017 and has been with the group since 2010, previously occupying the position of Sales Representative at this branch.


We wish all of them great success at their new branches and new positions.

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