A speech by Mr. Alain Taieb, CEO of AGS-Mobiltas Group, during the meeting between South African President Jacob Zuma, and his delegation of business people and members of MEDEF International.

"Dear Friends,

My name is Alain Taieb and I am the chairman of a medium-size family business and a French International Trade Advisor. I first would like to thank MEDEF International for allowing me to talk after such distinguished speakers. I, like all my businessmen friends, very much enjoy welcoming President Zuma and the South African business delegation to our country. A lot has already been said, but the experience of the AGS-MOBILITAS Group allows us to perfectly illustrate what was mentioned previously.

AGS-MOBILITAS is an intermediate-sized family company of 2600 people based in France and South Africa and specialised in mobility services and record management. We are present in 76 countries across the globe, but our greatest experience and our biggest achievements were obtained in Africa. Africa is also the continent hosting our greatest hopes for the future.

Our activity of international removals and relocation makes us a gateway for companies wishing to settle in Africa.

Today, the group is present in 44 African countries and aims to cover the whole continent within two years. To sustain this rapid growth, we have learnt to associate French and South African know-how.

Our name is Frasers in South Africa, and now “AGS Frasers in the whole African continent”.

In South Africa, our growth accelerated consequently thanks to a strong partnership with a respected South African company, GIN Holdings. The joint venture between our subsidiary, the Laser Transport Group, and Gin Holdings, started 9 years ago. It allowed us to address the needs of the South African Foreign Affairs and Home Affairs Ministries. As a result, they allowed us the honour of handling the relocation of their diplomats and civil servants sent across the globe.

Over and above the quality of our services and our knowledge of African countries, these prestigious institutions recognised, in this joint venture, the AGS Frasers Group’s will to participate, in spirit and in action, to the Black Economic Empowerment Policy.

Owing to this opportunity, we were able to develop our activities and consolidate over 1200 direct jobs in South Africa. But we did not stop there!

Having lived in this magnificent country myself for almost 10 years, I can assure you that we share many of the characteristics specific to the development of strong partnerships between French and South African companies. These include the quality of our infrastructure (unmatched on our respective continents), the same time zone, our passion for African development and our knowledge of African markets.

Furthermore, South Africa clearly demonstrates its ambition to become a political and economic power on the African continent. For French companies already present in Africa or wishing to grow there, South Africa is an ideal springboard.

That’s what we did in my company by already anticipating this movement 10 years ago by investing over 150 million rand in South Africa. In addition to these activities in this country, these investments allowed the creation of a Coordination Center for Africa, which is based in Cape Town. It works as a logistical support office, a back office, a strategic advice bureau, and gives IT, communication, customer service, management and recruitment training support for all our branches in 44 countries throughout the continent.

South Africa also offers a diversity of high quality profiles, allowing us to hire experts in various fields, both French and English-speaking, with excellent knowledge of specificities of African countries.

Motivated by this positive experience, I encourage as many French companies as possible to invest in South Africa and its fantastic people, and to build partnerships with South African entrepreneurs. This is how we will be able to participate in and benefit from the development of this country, aimed to become an African economic super-power. If several hundreds of French companies do as the AGS Frasers Group did, it will benefit South Africa, Africa, France and employment in our two countries.

Thank you."