How Do We Make The Difference

As a very dynamic and involved moving Company, AGS Worldwide Movers strives to deliver innovative solutions to all kind of organisations. We identify your needs and constraints and advise on the best strategy for your mobility project.

Personalised removals portal

For each business client or organisation, AGS develops a dedicated online portal, with many helpful tools including:

  • Details of your single point of contact.
  • Documents to help you with the mobility management of your executives and partners.
  • A tracking centre to follow all pending removals.
  • A contact page where you can get in touch with your single point of contact, our client services as well as Mr Good Move, your client satisfaction tool.
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Detailed reporting

On request, we can provide you with activity reports on all moves organised by AGS for your executives and employees. We centralise all information regarding your employees’ moves, regardless of the country of departure and arrival. We can provide our corporate clients with various reports and statistics according to their needs.

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A single point of contact

For each move, we nominate a single point of contact for the assignee. This relocation consultant is in charge of the technical visit and manages all the logistics of the move according to the needs of the individual who is moving.

AGS network on world map

Our network

We are one of the largest removal companies in the world, with 147 locations in 100 different countries. This worldwide presence allows us to provide door-to-door services to and from any location, while maintaining and guaranteeing the same first-class service to all our clients.

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Unrivalled flexibility

Our expertise in logistics and customs clearance, combined with our secure storage capacity, allows us to find flexible solutions should delays occur. Our flexibility extends to our services and AGS provides customised services to facilitate the welcome and settling in of our clients’ families in their new homes.

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Committed to quality

All AGS branches perform removal services according to our internal quality policy which complies with both the FAIM and ISO 9001 quality standards.

AGS is the only removal group, among 500 worldwide, that has 31 FAIM accredited branches. Read more about our Quality Strategy.

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Skilled staff

Excellence within the AGS Group depends on the service given by our employees. We know the importance of training our staff and continuously offer comprehensive training to all our employees, from the packers to office personnel and management. AGS’ major strength is our multicultural environment, with staff from many different nationalities. Our open-minded philosophy embraces equity and a rich cultural mix.

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High security

We are committed to ensuring the safety of not only consignments in our care, but also our customers’ personnel, equipment and property. This includes the security of all information provided to us. AGS has extremely strict policies in place and constantly measures the efficiency of our systems to ensure that we adhere to these requirements.

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Communication and reporting

The AGS Group views communication as a major element of success in every operation. We shall keep you updated on the progress of your move and provide reports and reporting tools to help you manage your move.

AGS Truck and warehouse

Customs clearance expertise

Smooth international removal operations rely on the complete knowledge of customs formalities throughout the world. The AGS Group brings the vital experience and expertise of all aspects of customs clearance to ensure shipment delays are minimized.

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Reforestation initiative

For every international move, AGS plants a tree in Madagascar or in Indonesia. This reforestation project, initiated by Planète Urgence, allows us to reduce the impact of our client’s move on the environment.

At the end of each year, each one of AGS’ corporate clients will be issued with a certificate accounting for all the trees planted on behalf of their expatriates. These certificates can then be incorporated into the organisation’s report on sustainable development, and will confirm your involvement in the management of your carbon footprint.

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