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The AGS philosophy is simple: to design corporate relocation services which revolves around the customer. AGS provides multinational organisations with the best staff relocation services, tailored to meet the individual needs of businesses and international employees.

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AGS Corporate Relocations offers solutions to accompany employees throughout their expatriation and to assist organizations in managing their global relocation needs. With our global network, and regional AGS service centers in London, Cape Town, Dubai and Hong Kong, AGS is able to support its clients worldwide, 24 hours a day.


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Why work with us ?

AGS helps its clients meet their global mobility challenges. As part of the MOBILITAS group established in more than 95 countries worldwide, we are able to provide seamless corporate relocation services across the globe. Through our regional service centers, AGS actively communicates and co-ordinates all aspects of the service delivery process to maintain consistently high standards. Our quality processes are regularly audited in-house.

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Our approach

AGS tailors its services around you. AGS has designed an account management platform to support the assignee at every stage during the relocation cycle and to provide corporate support for the HR professional in the planning, implementation and execution of relocation policy.

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Technology to connect

The AGS online management system tracks all initiations and services, as well as recording all corporate relocation activity and contacts in reports that can be downloaded by the user. Our technology has been especially developed in-house. Our platform offers HR and the assignee tiered access that is password protected to regularly get updates on milestones, tracking and real time reporting, 24 hours a day in a secure way.
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