More than 30 different specialised boxes and cover protections.

Packing: Unique to AGS

Packing and Removals Boxes

Based on reports and in-depth studies of damage caused during past shipments, AGS has developed innovative packing material unrivaled in the industry. 

Mattress BoxWardrobe BoxShoe Bag



Folder Boxes



Over the years the AGS Group has created new types of cartons which are better suited to modern personal effects, for example, small cartons for CD’s and DVD’s, which fit into our standard cartons. A halogen lamp carton was introduced to eradicate any possible damage to standard lamp bases. For the comfort of its customers AGS also created the “First Necessity” carton, in which those items considered by the transferee as vital upon arrival at their destination are packed (for example, a coffee machine, medication, etc.).




In order to help your children through the move, we have created a removals carton especially designed for them. This carton contains drawings which also appear in the colouring books that we provide. Children can write their name and color in the drawings.

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CratingSome effects are unique due to their value, size and fragility, and cannot be transported in the usual boxes. AGS branches have their own in-house carpentry workshop where they design and produce custom-made crates for fragile and high value items, which ensures their complete protection.

Custom-made cratesAll wood currently used by the AGS Group for export crating is de-barked and heat treated to comply with international regulations, including US Department of State, which are the strictest in the world. Methyl bromide fumigation can also be arranged, and we agree to conform to any new regulations with regards to wooden packing which may be required by Government Departments in the future.

AGS Guadeloupe, for instance, recently transported the famous Formula 1 Renault 2007 with the greatest care. The transportation of the racing car went smoothly and it arrived safely at its destination, inside the crate especially built by AGS.

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Our Packers


Our packers are specially trained to use packing techniques which ensure the thorough packing of each item to be moved. Both packing materials and methods used comply with FAIM and ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.





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