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A positive review for 2010 by the Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee

The AGS group is part of the Mobilitas Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee, which met on Tuesday, 7 December in Paris to review the company’s business activities in 2010.

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Published Date: 12 January 2011

Tree in the Woods

The AGS group is part of the Mobilitas Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee, which met on Tuesday, 7 December in Paris to review the company’s business activities in 2010.

This committee was made official at the beginning of 2010, and is part of senior management’s aspiration to make the Mobilitas group and its brands a leader in professional excellence and a model of social responsibility.

2010 Assessment Report

The Committee’s review of 2010 highlights a very positive image of the Group globally, in spite of difficulties locally.
These difficulties are mainly due to social issues or (sometimes violent) crises, especially in Africa. The need for complete information from partners concerning issues or crises has been underlined, and this process will need to be developed.

Maintaining the highest level of quality

The efforts made in gaining and maintaining professional qualifications or certifications still bear fruit.
This demonstrates our desire to offer all of our partners (clients, agents, suppliers) a very high level of quality in the services we provide.
Of note is the trial that was conducted by AGS Movers London this year to obtain the ISO 27001 certification, and to www the strength of our information system and data protection compliance.


Teams are extremely devoted to their customers.

The unfailing commitment of our managers and staff to the benefit of their clients has been demonstrated, particularly in African countries in crisis. For instance, Gérard Machetel of AGS Movers Niger, and his team, made the repatriation of expatriates’ personal belongings possible, following the kidnappings of foreign workers in the region, including Arlit, a particularly vulnerable site.

Likewise, Branch Manager Frédéric Gros and his team in the Ivory Coast spared no effort in Abidjan, when they moved threatened families or stored their belongings in secure premises, in spite of very real risks.


UN Global Compact adherence and partnership with Planète Urgence.

In the social arena, AGS is particularly proud to be the first removals company to adhere to the UN’s Global Compact. Within this framework, AGS develops small, local projects under the initiative of its managers.

Likewise, the committee noted a positive appreciation of the Group’s partnership with the NGO, Planète Urgence. Through tree planting projects in Asia and Africa, the Group’s environmental footprint is reduced. Clients benefit from a positive association with this initiative, as a tree is planted for each of their expatriates’ international moves. This is in line with our vision to respect the environment and meet our partners’ expectations in this regard.



The aim in 2011 will be to involve co-workers and partners in activities that reflect ethical and professional conduct.


Ethics and professional conduct charter

Boosted by the past year’s experience, and taking geographical expansion and the business diversification of the Group into consideration, it has been agreed to refocus Mobilitas’ values in the form of an Ethics and Professional Conduct Charter.
The Committee’s objective is to complete and circulate the charter by June 2011, when the interim review meeting takes place.


Improve information

To better serve our customers, the communication of information will be improved, particularly in the area of delays that are beyond the Company’s control.
Likewise, the Committee wants colleagues and partners to be more closely associated with the Group’s social initiatives. This starts with communication and the online publishing of this report.


Partnership with Planète Urgence

This partnership will be strengthened and optimised. The Committee has agreed to combine the Group’s several agreements with Plantète Urgence into one, to improve project management efficiency. As a result, the project will also have better visibility to clients and partners in terms of the number of trees planted in the “1 move = 1 tree” initiative. The results of the project will be available online.


Sustainable and fair development

Following a strategic planning session, the Group decided to launch the “Africa 2015” project in which AGS will play a major role in Mobilitas becoming the first company established across the entire continent.
The Committee noted with satisfaction that, true to its values, the Group will lead this international project in a responsible and balanced manner. A large portion of the staff will be recruited locally, and a significant investment will be made through training.


In closing, the Committee concluded that the entire Group, and AGS in particular, can be proud of its collective and individual corporate social responsibility activities.

Alain Boulnois


Mr Alain Boulnois
Chairman of the Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee

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