One move one tree

AGS continues to advance business practices to minimise the impact of international removals on the environment. To help our clients offset the carbon emitted during an international removal, AGS has partnered with the NGO Planète Urgence to plant one tree for each international move. In so doing AGS has become the first removal company to offer a direct solution to its customers, to compensate for their impact on the environment.


About Planète UrgencePlanete Urgence

A global NGO with a focus on supporting local initiatives with three, key impacts:

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • protect biodiversity
  • promote local socio-economic development

AGS projects:




Agro-silvicultural development in Mali: over 900,000 trees planted in the Mopti region.

The project involves fruit, market gardens and fodder production in order to reduce desertification and promote local economic development.




Reforestation Initiative in Indonesia



Restoration of the mangrove swamp in Indonesia: over 3,200,000 trees planted in the North Sumatra region.

AGS is working towards the reconstruction of the mangrove corridor in order to combat global warming and protect biodiversity.




Action Planète Urgence Madagascar



Reforestation of Tapia forests in Madagascar: over 89,800 trees planted in the Itasy region near Antananarivo.

Answering the urgent need for tapia tree planting while raising awareness of deforestation and providing economic support for local people.



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