Africa 54

Mobilitas celebrates African success

The Mobilitas Group is celebrating a historic achievement; by the end of 2016 the group is now the first and only privately-owned company to have a physical presence in all 54 African states. This achievement will officially cement the deeply-rooted relationship the company has with the African continent.

Realising our African Dream

At ceremonial events hosted in Johannesburg, Paris and London, Mobilitas Chairman, Alain Taïeb emphasised the historical, familial, cultural and social resonances the company has with the continent. “In order to experience and reach Africa, you have to be persistent and have endurance, you need to go the extra mile, familiarise yourself with the local history and traditions - go to Africa to learn and not to teach,” Mr Taïeb said.


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The coverage of all 54 African countries marks the realisation of a quarter of a century vision. The group has grown in Africa from 45 countries in 2013, to 48 in 2014 and has reached its milestone of all 54 countries by end of 2016. Mobilitas will continue to deliver its world-class moving, relocation and records management services from anywhere in the world to anywhere in Africa.

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Africa 54 Press releases

The AGS Group has officially cemented its deeply-rooted relationship with the African continent by becoming the first privately-owned company to have a physical presence in all 54 African states

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A promising future

“The second stage of the AFRICA 54 project is just as ambitious as the first. We are aiming to increase our activities in Africa to respond to market demand for mobility and archiving. Over the next few decades, we will triple our workforce and create 5,800 jobs in Africa,” Mr Taïeb concluded.