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New appointments – May 2012

AGS welcomes the following newly appointed or relocated managers: Hendrik Viljoen Branch Manager: AGS Movers Botswana...

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Published Date: 29 May 2012

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AGS welcomes the following newly appointed or relocated managers:

new appointments

Hendrik Viljoen
Branch Manager:
AGS Movers Botswana

Hendrik Viljoen started his career in the removals industry in 2009 as a Sales Manager. From there he focused on Development as a National Account Manager in 2010. He serviced embassies, NGO’s and government departments before moving to AGS Movers Botswana. Hendrik’s enthusiasm is bound to be infectious as he takes responsibility for maintaining the very highest service levels we have come to expect from AGS Movers Bostwana.

Thomas Vergnot
Branch Manager:
AGS Movers Yaounde

Thomas Vergnot is trading places with Thibault Malezieux and will be the new branch manager of AGS Yaoundé. After his stint as a VIE at AGS Movers Madagascar, Thomas joined the AGS Group in 2005 as the branch manager of AGS Movers Gambia. He has also been instrumental in the development of AGS Movers Nigeria and joined AGS Movers Ghana in 2010.

Thibault Malezieux
Branch Manager:
AGS Movers Ghana

Thibault Malezieux is the new branch manager of AGS Movers Ghana. He will be returning to the branch that he first joined in 2006. After joining Ghana he then had the opportunity to work as the branch manager of AGS Movers Mauritania. This was followed by a stint in South Africa as an Operations Manager for a United Nations project. Thibault bids  Yaoundé farewell after working there for over 2 years.

Dario Couvas
Branch Manager:
AGS Movers Gabon – Port Gentil

Dario Couvas takes over the reins of AGS Movers Gabon in Port Gentil as the new branch manager. Dario was first recruited  in South Africa and worked as a trainee manager in Sudan when he joined the Group in 2010. Dario has shown great drive and dedication and is now being entrusted with this new leadership role from the office of Port Gentil which reports to AGS Movers Gabon (Libreville).

Noël Soler
Branch Manager:
AGS Movers Tunisia

AGS Movers Tunisia welcomes its new branch manager, Noël Soler, who expressed his desire to return to a more operational position, after 15 years in the AGS Group. Until his recent appointment, Noël was the network manager for the French Overseas Territories. In Tunisia he succeeds Jean-Louis Vinot, who has retired. We trust that Noël will continue his good work that saw him  run the FOTs.

Erwan Verger
Branch Manager
AGS Movers Mauritius

Erwan Verger is the branch manager of newly-opened AGS Movers Mauritius. Erwan joined AGS as a VIE in Gabon in September 2007. After a successful two years as a VIE, he moved to Tanzania as Deputy Manager, before accepting the position of Branch Manager for Sierra Leone at the end of 2009. We trust that Erwan will now successfully steer the development of AGS Movers Mauritius too.

Jerome Siauve
Branch Manager:
AGS Movers Sierra Leone

Jerome Siauve succeeds Erwan Verger as the branch manager of AGS Movers Sierra Leone.  Jerome first joined AGS as a VIE in 2008. He worked in Pointe-Noire and was appointed as a trainee manager in Mali in 2011. With his training now successfully completed, Jerome has been given his first position as a branch manager.

Thierry Guerlavais
Branch Manager:
AGS Movers Tahiti

Thierry Guerlavais joined AGS in 2011 with the aim to train as a future branch manager. Thierry now gets the chance to step into that role as he succeeds Jean-Pierre Delalande. Thierry comes with a military career background which is sure to assist him in our own industry.

Harry Wilesmith
Branch Manager:
AGS Movers Johannesburg

Harry Wilesmith has 29 years’ experience in logistics. He started in the removal industry as Assistant Admin Manager. He was then promoted to Operations Manager, Branch Manager and most recently, General Brand Manager, before being appointed by AGS Movers. He has a hands-on approach with his team, motivating the sales force, overseeing operations and ensuring the administration is accurate and up-to-date.Harry is not only a real asset for the AGS Movers brand in South Africa, but also for Southern Africa.

Sandeep Marwah
Deputy Branch Manager:
AGS Movers New Delhi

Sandeep Marwah is the new Deputy Branch Manager for AGS Movers India, New Delhi. Born and raised in New Delhi, Sandeep has an MBA in Sales and Marketing and over 19 years’ experience. He has previously worked as both branch manager and regional manager for a leading removals company in New Delhi. He was also recognised by his company as the top sales person in India for the first quarter of 2011.

Willem Schutyser
Branch Manager:
AGS Movers Libya

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