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AGS Auvergne supports 30th tournament of the Gendarmerie of Rhône-Alpes

AGS Auvergne supported the annual football tournament of the gendarmerie (police) of Rhône Alpes which was attended by more than 350 people.

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Published Date: 29 May 2019

AGS Auvergne - Cédric Herlin et Guillaume Cartal

AGS Auvergne is a proud partner of the 30th football tournament of the Gendarmerie of Rhône-Alpes. The event took place on 16 May 2019 and was held in Lempdes in Puy-de-Dôme.

The football tournament of the Gendarmerie of Rhône Alpes takes place annually and is organised by the CSALG (Sports Club Artistic and Recreation of the Gendarmerie of Clermont-Ferrand).

The CSALG was created in 1983 and has nearly 500 members. The club is also open to outsiders and creates a link between society and the police.

Fourteen teams participated in the 30th edition of the tournament and more than 350 people, including players, volunteers, referees and partners, gathered and enjoyed a lovely lunch together.

Cédric Herlin, AGS Auvergne branch manager and Guillaume Cartal, the branch sales representative (pictured above), attended the event and represented AGS. They welcomed guests to the AGS branded stand and shared some of the services offered by the branch.

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