Our Values

Beyond degrees and qualifications, we are looking for applicants with a wide range of skills and experience who, above all, share our brand culture and our fundamental HR values

The key to our successful professional environment is based on
our multi-culturalism and the sharing of knowledge


AGS and its employees share strong business values that reflect the company’s ethos:

Equality, Commitment, Solidarity and Expertise.

AGS values its employees by empowering them at all levels of the company, facilitating their career growth, and favouring internal promotion.


Professional and Individual Development are at the heart of the AGS Group’s HR practices. We recruit many recent graduates, with or without experience, to benefit from our internal integration programme, which has a proven track record over more than 40 years.

More than 30% of vacancies in the group are filled internally.

Performance is individual, but success is collective!

Fulfilment at work

At AGS, retaining each employee is a daily consideration for the HR Team.

Whatever their age or seniority, the objective is to maintain each employee in a position adapted to their situation and career aspirations.

We allow every individual to express what they have to offer, listening to them and helping them progress, as much as we motivate and manage them daily.

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