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BP 4637 Vallée de Tipaerui, domaine Elzéa PAPEETE 98713

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Shipping Cars to Tahiti

AGS Movers is an expert in worldwide vehicle transfers. Your dedicated AGS consultant will guide you through every steps of the process to move your car with peace of mind.


In France (origin):

You can select to either deliver your vehicle personally to the Port of Le Havre or Port of Montoir, or drop it off at your closest AGS warehouse. Once at one of these ports, your vehicle will be loaded into a shipping container and carefully secured for the sea journey. Larger vehicles will be loaded onto a Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) ship.

Preparing motorbike to be shipped by container.

In French Polynesia (destination):

As above, you can select to either personally collect your vehicle from Papeete’s harbour, or have AGS’ branch in Tahiti collect it from the container ship and then you can collect it from their warehouse.

For your peace of mind, a comprehensive vehicle inspection will be conducted at both the vehicle’s hand-over in France and again in Tahiti, noting to the condition of the vehicle. As with all AGS removals, you will also automatically receive a free quotation for the insurance of your vehicle.

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