AGS Movers French Guiana

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Parc d`Activites Economiques de Degrad des Cannes
ISO 9001:2008 IAM Chambre Syndicale des Déménageurs NF Service Removals and Storage


AGS French Guiana was established in 1991 and has more than 23 years’ experience in the removals industry.

As the Guyanese branch of a larger removals company, AGS French Guiana not only benefits from the AGS Group’s extensive network of 140 branches in 94 countries, but also its experience and processes. These include top quality services and the most prestigious accreditations.

For this reason, AGS Movers in Remire Montjoly is considered to be one of the best removals companies in French Guiana .


Key Information

Languages spoken:

  • English
  • French

Number of removals operations carried out yearly in average: 1,000

Number of trucks: 5

Warehouse size in square meters: 930

Other Information

We support the Global Compact.

For every international move, we plant a tree.

The Global CompactReforestation Initiative

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