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New Appointments -December 2014

On 1 November 2014 Charles Baudart was appointed as the CEO of SOFDI / AGS Paris, and has assumed the position of President of the AGS branch network in metropolitan France...

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Published Date: 08 December 2014

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Charles Baudart
AGS Movers France

On 1 November 2014 Charles Baudart was appointed as the CEO of SOFDI / AGS Movers Paris, and has assumed the position of President of the AGS branch network in metropolitan France. He takes over this role from Benoît de Moncuit.

We wish to warmly thank Benoît for his commitment to the Group.

Through this appointment, Charles benefits from a great opportunity involving interesting challenges in a very competitive and commercial setting. His international profile will be a real asset for AGS’ France network.

Charles achieved an exemplary career progression in the Group, demonstrating our shareholders’ deep commitment to developing younger generations’ potential.

Joining AGS’ Romania branch in June 2008 as a V.I.E. (International Volunteer Program) dedicated to business development, Charles achieved his mission effectively and was soon offered a position as AGS Bucharest’s Sales Manager from August 2010 onwards.

As a result of his commitment to development and the success of his engagements, Charles’ name immediately came up again when looking for a Network Director’s assistant for AGS’ European network in March 2012.

One and a half years later, he took on the direction of the European network and occupied this position since September 2013, participating in external growth and branch development projects on a very competitive continent.

Charles has always been passionate about the international sector, and this is why he participated as a member of the AGS Group’s delegations at international removals conventions in the USA.

He therefore benefits from in-depth knowledge of the agents’ world, AGS’ partners around the world and a vital web of relations in our industry.

Daniel Bried
Branch Manager
AGS Movers Toulouse and AGS Movers Carcassonne

A decision was taken to merge the business operations and sales area of the AGS Toulouse and AGS Carcassonne branches in France. This is due to their geographical proximity and to maximize their operation and the potential for business development in this area.

Daniel Bried, who has been with the AGS Group since December 1998 as Branch Manager for AGS Carcassonne, has been responsible for the joint management of these two branches as of November 3.


Andro du Plessis
Branch Manager
AGS Movers Cape Town

Appointed on 1 November 2014 as the Branch Manager for AGS Movers Cape Town, Andro du Plessis takes over this role from Anton Coetzee.

After studying Logistics Management at Stellenbosch University, Andro was employed in a logistical cost calculation position for a road construction company in Namibia, and later as a Logistical Manager for outdoor events organised by a prestigious sports marketing and events company in Stellenbosch.

He joined AGS’ Trainee Manager Programme at AGS Movers Cape Town in January 2014, and participated in this until his current appointment.

“I am a hands-on manager who strives to empower my staff through good leadership and open channels of communication,”

Andro says of his management style.

“My main focus areas are sales and operations.”

He also looks forward to the challenges of his Branch Manager position, adding:

“AGS Movers Cape Town is a very exciting branch, with vibrant and knowledgeable staff, that can only grow from strength to strength.”


Ewen Extier
Branch Manager
AGS Movers Prague

A French National having completed his Masters of Management and Organisation with the Business School of Lyon 3 University, Ewen’s first position was as an intern with Air France. After this he relocated to the Czech Republic to take up the role of Development Manager with Shantako.

He has remained in the Czech Republic, and worked for the French Embassy’s Economic and Trade Office as a Business Development Manager; with Exapro as Operations Manager and – before joining the AGS Group – as Head of Infrastructure with Ubifrance.

Goal-oriented with strong networking and business facilitation skills, Ewen joined the AGS Group as Branch Manager for AGS Prague with effect from November 2.

Ewen is particularly enthused to be part of such a reputable group as AGS with its unique corporate spirit, and he is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that this position holds.


Elliot McMahon
Branch Manager
AGS Movers Manila

Elliot joined the AGS Group in February 2013 as a Trainee Branch Manager based out of AGS Movers Hong Kong.

After having undergone intensive training and gaining experience in diverse branches across the AGS Movers network, Elliot assumed the position of Branch Manager for AGS Movers Manila with effect from 1 November 2014.

Holding a BA Honors Degree in Business Studies, Elliot coupled his learning with practical application in the world of business since 2004. He has experience in companies like Movers Brisbane, The Rodgers Partnership and Hamptons International in roles involving management and business development.

Just before joining the AGS Group, he consulted in asset management for a property company in Bangkok.

A British National, Elliot describes himself as a focused and innovative worker consistently gaining results. He still holds a passion for asset management and investment, which he pursues as hobbies in his spare time.

Elliot looks forward to directly applying himself and his skills to a specific branch, and being a part of AGS Movers as well as the group’s extended networks.



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