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Tenancy Management

The process of managing multiple rentals as part of a relocation program is administratively intensive, particularly for already busy HR teams. AGS Relocation offers comprehensive professional tenancy management solutions and takes care of all the concerns.

We take over the burden of the tenancy management

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For your relocating employees, dealing with tradesmen, cleaners, landlords and estate agents is an unwelcome distraction from their assignment. AGS’ tenancy management program is designed to reduce the administrative burden on HR leaving you and your relocating employees free to focus on the other important aspects of your roles. AGS will provide full support throughout the tenancy period, assisting with lease negotiations and renewals, dilapidation control, dealing with tradesmen, cleaning services, agents and landlords. Through our Expense Management service AGS also provides payment services that ensure you maintain control of your property related costs at all times.

What is included in the Tenancy Management service?

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What is Included:

  • Lease negotiation and renewal
  • Arrange payment of deposits
  • Utility connections
  • Payment of on-going utility bills
  • Inventory check in and check out
  • Dilapidation control
  • Notification of lease renewal
  • Recovery of security deposit


  • Reduces administrative burden on both HR and relocating employee
  • Increases recovery of deposits
  • Manages payments and reduces costs

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