AGS, a provider dedicated to your peace of mind.

Why Choose AGS?

AGS Movers has been a specialist in the international removal of household and personal effects for the past 40  years. During these years of experience and growth, we have perfected what we do well: Moving people.

Choose us for:

Your Satisfaction

Ensuring that we deliver the best services to our clients is crucial for us. This is why we created a department dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients. Mr GoodMove accompanies you at every stage of your move and ensures the continuous improvement of our services. Learn more about how we ensure your satisfaction.

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A Worldwide Network

Our worldwide network of 140 branches is one of the largest in the removals industry. Our extensive network not only increases our control over operations, but enables us to considerably reduce our use of agents, while maintaining consistent quality in our service.

Through improved control of the removals process, we guarantee complete flexibility to our customers. Our experience and know-how in key areas such as logistics and customs clearance, combined with our storage facilities, allows us to adapt to the needs and requests of our customers in good time, while maintaining high service standards. Learn more about our Network.

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Quality Packing Materials

The packing strategy of the AGS Group is unique: The manufacture and purchase of all packing material for the entire group is centralised in France, South Africa and Hong Kong. This material is then exported to all locations where the Group operates. This centralisation not only gives us greater negotiating power, which translates into lower prices for you, but allows us to control the quality and recycling of the packing material used to protect your goods during the move. Learn more about our specialised packing.

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Moving Innovations

AGS Worldwide Movers remains innovative in order to provide you with a cost-effective move, improve our customer service and reduce our carbon footprint. For example, our new smaller container combines flexibility, greater security and better efficiency in order to improve your move. After five years of research and development, we have equipped our European branches with 800 of these innovative containers.

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Our Excellent Staff

A smoothly run removals process depends on the service carried out by all our teams. We employ skilled and efficient personnel, from the packers to the office workforce and management. AGS Movers heavily invests in training its employees. Learn more about our staff excellence.

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Our Commitment to Quality

Mister GoodMove

Since it started 36 years ago, AGS Movers has been committed to quality service. Improving the quality of our removals and relocation services, reducing the damage during a move and improving the removals guidance services offered to our all clients is key to ensuring client satisfaction. Learn more about our our commitment to quality.

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Continuous Investments in New Facilities

AGS continuously invests in new facilities. AGS Four Winds London built new offices and a new warehouse which is more secure and equipped with solar panels. AGS Brussels Coussaert (Brussels) also recently moved to new offices for further improved security and client satisfaction.


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