AGS, complete security of goods and information entrusted to us.

Security: Our Priority

We are first and foremost committed to ensuring the safety of all consignments in our care, our customers, personnel, equipment, property, and the security of all information supplied to us. AGS Worldwide Movers has extremely strict policies in place and we constantly evaluate the efficiency of our systems and staff to ensure that we adhere to these requirements.

Protecting your Effects

Every effort is made to protect the removal site, products, materials, work and any existing buildings from damage and theft. Our packing teams are trained to take all reasonable precautions to prevent unauthorised access to the work site.

The AGS vehicle fleet is an excellent example of investment made to improve not only cargo security, but also of the safety of our drivers and other motorists on the road. Our trucks are equipped with:

  • Emergency braking assistance, releasing the braking capacity to its full power in case of unexpected obstacle.
  • Anti backward braking, particularly useful in an ascent, allowing the blocking of any recoil within half a second.
  • Voith speed reducer, to complement standard brakes and efficiently slow down the vehicle in long and abrupt descents. 
  • Radar anti collision system, which alerts the driver of an obstacle in their path.
  • Air suspension control system, which improves the truck’s balance on corners
  • Target assistance to help the driver remain in the optimum line of driving. With signs of drowsiness, an alarm starts so the driver remains alert.
  • A computerised gear box which makes gear changing smoother and diminishes shocks for a more secure cargo.

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Protecting your Information

Access to your personalised portal is completely secure. AGS encrypts all data displayed on your personalised portal and your pages can only be accessed through the use of unique logins that are sent to you via email.

We process your personal information in our management system with the same strictness. For instance, once your personal effects have been packed, information regarding your inventory is only accessed and used at the point of customs clearance.

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Protecting People

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