Our strengths

A large network

We are one of the largest removals companies in the world, with 140 locations in 94 different countries. This worldwide presence allows us to provide a door-to-door service to and from any location, while maintaining and guaranteeing the same first class service to all our clients. Learn more about the AGS Network.

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Unrivalled flexibility

Our expertise in logistics and custom clearance, combined with our storage capacity, allows us to find flexible solutions should delays occur. Our flexibility extends to our services, and AGS provides customized services to facilitate the welcome and settling in of clients’ families in their new home.

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Committed to quality

All branches within the AGS Movers network are committed to offering their customers a level of service that complies with international quality standards. All AGS subsidiaries perform removals services according to our internal Quality Policy which complies with both the FAIM and ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

AGS is the only Removals Group, among 500 worldwide, that has 28 FAIM accredited branches. Read more about our Quality Strategy.

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Skilled staff

Excellence within the AGS Group depends on the service given by our employees. We know the importance of training our staff and continuously offer comprehensive training to all our employees, from the packers to office personnel and management. The AGS Group’s major strength is our multicultural environment, with staff from many different nationalities. Our open-minded philosophy embraces equity and a rich cultural mix.

Learn more about our staff training.

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High security

We are committed to ensuring the safety of not only consignments in our care, but also our customers, personnel, equipment and property. This includes the security of all information provided to us. AGS has extremely strict policies in place and constantly measures the efficiency of our systems and people to ensure that we adhere to these requirements.

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Storage facilities

Our AGS branches provide storage facilities for household goods in secure warehouse facilities. Our quality criteria for storage are as follows:

  • Safe locking systems
  • Modern alarm systems
  • Ventilated warehouses
  • Warehouses regularly treated against humidity, pests, rats
  • Regularly inspected fireproof systems

Learn more about our storage facilities

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Communication and reporting

The AGS Group views communication as a major element of success in an operation. We will continually keep you updated on the progress of your moves and provide reports and reporting tools to help you manage your moves.

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Customs Clearance Expertise

Smooth international removal operations rely on the complete knowledge of customs formalities throughout the world. The AGS Group brings the vital experience and expertise of all aspects of customs clearance to ensure shipment delays are minimized.

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