Office Move

AGS not only specialises in international moves and relocations, but also offers a superior office removals services.



Proper planning and strong coordination are the foundations of a successful office move. Office move plans are carefully drawn up to allow for maximum flexibility and include information such as resources required and activities to be executed, minimising the loss of productivity for your business.

Pre-move survey

At AGS, we believe that effective communication contributes significantly to the success of your office move. We provide each employee with all the information about the move as early as possible.

Depending on the size of the offices being moved, one or more pre-move meetings may be necessary to determine the specific needs of all departments in terms of different phases of the office move. From this we construct an operational schedule, detailing costs, timing and any specialist moving services that may be required.

At our pre-move meeting, the key elements of the planned move are identified and discussed, including any problems our client can foresee. We will advise employees on every aspect of the office move, will address all questions and concerns the staff may have, and reassure the employees, to reduce any stress and anxiety the move could cause.

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Delivery of packing materials

As a professional and recognised removals company, our packing material is created and designed to best protect all items being moved. We provide all the necessary office packing materials for the move, which is delivered on time and at the location and in accordance with the move plan.

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On-site labelling

Labelling is a very important step of an office move. It allows our teams to quickly identify the items being transported and where they have to be placed, which increases our team’s efficiency.

A general layout plan of the new offices will be drawn up. Depending on its size and structure, labels on boxes and furniture will have to display the building, room and area number, for the new location. This will ensure that items are placed in the correct place, resulting in a smooth and efficient move.

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Site protection

It is of utmost importance to us to ensure that the offices of departure and arrival are left in a good condition. This is why, at both origin and destination sites, exposed areas such as lifts and routing wall corners have to be cleared and protected.

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At the scheduled time on the moving day, our packing team will carefully pack all items. All electronic equipment, such as servers and modem cabinets, are packed with special care. Personal computers are packed into specially-designed cartons, and transported with other sensitive electronic equipment in air suspension vehicles.


IT System components, server equipment and office automation (fax, scanner, printer)

Highly sensitive equipment is handled, packed and transported with extreme care to avoid dust deposit, bumps and vibrations.

Ensuring that this sensitive equipment remains in good condition is our top priority. Bubble plastic wrapping is used to regroup and pack all computer cables, plugs, mouse or keyboards connected to the CPU.

Furniture dismantling and assembling

AGS dismantles and assembles furniture when required before and after the office move. It goes without saying that all furniture is wrapped and protected prior to loading.

Heavy weight equipment

Heavy-duty equipment includes safes and fireproofed cupboards (at least 250 kg or more). A specialist team is dedicated to this particular heavy-duty operation and provides the necessary handling equipment.

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Handling and transportation

All handling and transportation is carried out by our staff. Cartons are loaded into AGS trucks and transported from the origin site to the destination. Each AGS removals branch has its own fleet of specialised vehicles, ensuring the safe transportation of all items.

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We directly transport the packed goods. The AGS crew will transport all items of furniture, cartons and other goods to the designated location as per the labelling and instructions.

Once the delivery operation is complete and all items are unpacked, our team will collect the used packing materials for recycling.

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Our greatest strength: Our technical teams

The Project Coordinator leads the operation during the office move. He nominates a Deputy Project Coordinator from the technical team leaders for the destination site. The other team leaders are divided per site and/or floors and speciality (heavyweight handling, archives, IT System component packing) and supervise the remaining team members.

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