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A mask on a mission

How could a firm specialising in relocations and removals meaningfully combat a virus?

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Published Date: 11 December 2020


When Michiel Del Monte, head of business development at our Dutch branch AGS KHZ, learned that Doctors Without Borders had joined the response against the pandemic, he knew instinctively that he wanted to help. But how could a firm specialising in relocations and removals meaningfully combat a virus?


“I read about the COVID-19 Crisis Fund,” Michiel explains. “With their outstanding track record, I knew Doctors Without Borders would use the fund to focus their efforts on the countries that needed it most, to support their people working on the front lines every day.”


A donation was in order but, as the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. Michiel wanted to find a creative way to involve as many people as possible in the company’s contribution: colleagues, business connections, even friends.

He approached Dutch high-end soft furnishings company Melli Mello, which had begun manufacturing their own range of masks when the pandemic began. Would they agree to a partnership, whereby AGS KHZ gifts Melli Mello masks to its large network, and Melli Mello donates the sale proceeds to the DWB COVID-19 Crisis Fund?

Everyone has a role to play

Since the first masks left the Melli Mello factory at the end of August, the collaboration has resulted in the sale of hundreds of masks. Better yet, word of the initiative has spread, and other companies are now ordering masks for their networks, making donations to DWB in turn.


Indeed, sales of Melli Mello’s mystic panther mask have increased by more than 300%, and each sale ensures continued support for the COVID-19 Crisis Fund. The NGO uses the fund to purchase personal protective equipment, train medical personnel in the handling of patients and build field hospitals and quarantine areas.


Feedback from mask recipients has also been positive: “Not only are our customers and colleagues enthusiastic about our support for Doctors Without Borders, they also love their stylish masks,” says Michiel. “Everyone is pleased to be part of an initiative that directly impacts an issue that affects us all.”

AGS KHZ is now looking at other ways to support the well-known NGO as they continue their mission around the globe. Because as a specialist himself, Michiel knows that sometimes only the help of another specialist will do.


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