AGS Rabat brings support to flood victims in Morocco

Thursday 12 March 2015

AGS Morocco - RabatThroughout the winter of 2014-2015 Morocco was subjected to severe floods, causing multiple casualties and damage. Touched by the struggle of the affected populations in the Atlas Mountains, AGS offered them support.

The Flambeau Arc-En-Ciel Rabat Association, a Lions Club branch, organised and set up the Caravane Solidaire (Solidarity Caravan). The aim of this humanitarian project was to provide 150 families from three different ‘douars’ – isolated villages located in Sitti Fadma in the High Atlas, some at an altitude of 4 000m – with much-needed food supplieAGS Rabats.

AGS Morocco offered to pack, transport and distribute the goods in Sitti Fadma, where nimble pick-up vehicles and even donkeys took over the transport to finally reach the people in need. Thanks to the donations collected by the association, each family was given a box including flour, sugar, olive oil, lentils, tea, couscous, rice, two blankets and some clothes.


It is a high priority task for AGS to take care of the communities where its branches are located. By bringing help to the victims of these floods, AGS Rabat has done a fantastic job in favour of its local community. Helping local communities by assisting the victims of natural disasters is just another way we look to utilise our network and lend a helping hand.

AGS also participates in the UN Global Compact, and works to engage in activities which uphold values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption.

Congratulations and many thanks to AGS Rabat for its joint effort with the Flambeau Arc-En-Ciel Rabat Association, helping those affected to keep their heads up.