AGS Frasers Cameroon awards employees for long-standing service

Wednesday 07 November 2012

On 30 May, six staff members of AGS Frasers Cameroon were presented with awards for their years of good and faithful service to the company.

The official ceremony took place with a local government official, the Sub-prefect of Douala, Guillaume Dehem, Network Manager of AGS Frasers Africa, Hervé Christien, Manager of AGS Frasers Cameroon, and Albéric de Colnet, Sales Manager for AGS Frasers Cameroon.

The Sub-prefect presented:

  • 3 medals to Tchoko Amang (gold for 25 years of service, silver for 15 years service, and vermeil for 10 years of service);
  • 2 medals to Monkam Charles Tchouassi (silver and vermeil);
  • 2 medals to Léon Hilaire Tchouamo (silver and vermeil) ;
  • 2 medals to Maurice Cheumeni (silver and vermeil);
  • 2 medals to Maurice Nguimgo (silver and vermeil);
  • 1 medal to René Guy Nanga Tsimi (silver).

A toast to the honoured employees closed the ceremony.

Our congratulations to AGS Frasers Cameroon’s employees for working with such diligence and care. These staff members have built up a reputation for quality which has made AGS an outstanding mover in Cameroon.