Grand Prix VIE/VIA Africa: A springboard for young professionals

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Young ProfessionalAGS recently demonstrated full support of the International Corporate Volunteers (ICV)/International Administrative Volunteers (IAV) 2011 Grand Prix Africa, an event to raise awareness and reward participants of the French volunteer programme in Africa.

Eager to promote the training of young adults in the workplace, AGS has been actively welcoming ICVs in its various branches for many years. For more than 12 years, over 180 young professionals have worked at AGS as part of this programme. Many of them have ended up being hired by the group as their ICV assignment finished, with most of them beginning their careers as trainee branch managers.

The ICV/IAV 2011 Grand Prix Africa was organised by Ubifrance and the French Foreign Trade advisors as part of their support for French companies overseas.

As a French Foreign Trade advisor, Alain Taïeb, chairman of the AGS Group, was also one of Grand Prix Africa steering committee members.

Africa was first divided in five zones and each of the five regional juries designated three winners. The three overall winners of the ICV/IAV 2011 Grand Prix Africa were then picked from those fifteen regional winners. Prizes to the value of 10 000 € were awarded.

The objectives for this initiative were to:

  • Increase French companies’ awareness and interest in hiring ICVs for their activities
  • Increase the number of ICVs/IAVs in Africa
  • Inspire careers in Africa
  • Encourage French small and medium companies to discover Africa and trade on this continent.

With 54 locations in 44 countries in Africa, the Group is omnipresent in this dynamic region, which is becoming more and more important on the international scene. The goal is to cover the entire continent by 2015.

The ICV/IAV competition also gives French companies such as AGS a chance to emphasise the importance of development on the African continent, inspire careers as future AGS managers and also reflects the values of the UN Global Compact.