International Moves

With a range of independent services to complement our complete turnkey removals solution, AGS Worldwide Movers ensures that all relocations, even to the most remote destinations, are expedited with precision and care, providing complete peace of mind.

To assist with your first step, we have compiled a guide for you which details all the stages of your move with AGS Worldwide Movers.

Planning for the move

AGS Worldwide Movers helps you preparing your move, and guides you through all the steps to ensure a smooth removal.


Removals Quote


Request a free quote here

The first step in the removals process will be to request a quote. In order to do so, please fill in the quotation request form by clicking here. Note that the evaluation of your removal needs, and the costs associated with it, is free of charge.

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Brief  by telephone or email

Once the request for a quotation has been received, an AGS Account Manager will contact you to arrange a pre-move survey. At this stage, all pre-shipment issues are discussed, including: 

  • How the pre-move survey will be conducted
  • Advice for an easy volume estimate
  • Storage requirements
  • Proposed moving dates
  • Any items prohibited at the country of destination

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Written brief

A written report will then be sent to you to confirm what has been discussed by telephone or email. The report will include relevant details for your move, including:

  • Survey date and time scheduled
  • Name of the surveyor
  • Address and contacts
  • List of customs documentation for both origin and destination countries
  • List of prohibited articles

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Pre-move surveys

Pre-move surveyEvery move has a pre-move survey where the Account Manager assesses the weight and volume of the consignment and considers other issues which may affect the move.

The Account Manager will complete a Removals Survey Sheet, which includes: 

  • Required dates of packing, collection and delivery
  • Possible restrictions for access to the property/s and/or parking requirements
  • Provision for an outside lift and/or special handling
  • Comprehensive household inventory and estimated volume of the consignment
  • List of objects for which particular precautions and/or packing procedures are necessary
  • Logistics required to complete the move
    You will receive confirmation of the pre-move survey information in writing from the Account Manager.

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The Move

On the prearranged moving day, the AGS Worldwide Movers removals team will arrive as scheduled at your point of departure. Your move will consist of several steps:


Wrapping  and packing in preparation for a removalsPacking day

The team will place carpet protectors on the floors to guard against soiling and cover banisters and stairways as required.

The team will then start carefully packing all items for removal into cartons or tailor-made packages, or crating items too large for cartons, as detailed on the pre-move survey sheet.

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Complete the packing list

Packing list

The Packing List is drawn up on the day of the removal. It shows the number of parcels removed by packers, indicates the parcels’ content and specifies the unique number allotted to them.

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Boxes loaded into the container


No empty spaces are left in crates upon loading and where containers are not full, heavy duty timber partitioning is utilized. All handling operations are done by AGS Worldwide Movers qualified workers, using pallet trucks and elevators.

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Moving dayThe delivery

The delivery service of your goods is almost a reversed mirror image of the packing and loading procedures. It includes:

  • Offloading of the vehicle or container at the transferee’s residence
  • If the residence is difficult to access by truck, a shuttle service might be used
  • Careful placing of all furniture items in the required positions and rooms
  • Unwrapping of all packaged items
  • Unpacking of all cartons, and placing contents onto a counter or table top surface; unless alternative arrangements for packing into cupboards were requested
  • Reassembling of basic dismantled furniture
  • Removal of debris
  • Return of empty container to depot


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