Health and Safety

Handling of heavy objects

Removal activities include the physical handling and transportation of heavy objects- two activities which require a stringent safety focus. When staff members are respected, satisfied, and work in a safe and healthy environment, they are more efficient and productive. That is why at AGS we do our best to create a pleasant work environment with special focus on security and the well-being of our employees.


AGS Movers

Physical handling of material goods includes carrying and moving (an operation which usually causes fatigue, pain and back injuries). Handling heavy objects can cause short-term problems and be damaging in the long term. Because of these occupational hazards, we have created a Health and Safety Manual for each employee. This guide includes detailed advice, including the position to adopt when handling and lifting a load and how to handle a heavy object.

AGS understands that the work of driver is a difficult one, so in addition to efficiency and safety, AGS trucks are built to optimise the drivers’ comfort.