Moving to Northern America with AGS



For all those countries where AGS does not yet have its own subsidiaries, the services of approved international agents are undertaken on a sub-contract basis, in order to complete the removals process at these specific destinations. 

In order to provide true blanket coverage of the globe, the AGS Group has strategic partnerships in place with highly-acclaimed and accredited international moving companies. Each foreign agent must meet strict quality criteria.

We select our agents based on their accreditations, their financial stability and reputable records (in terms of moves and customer satisfaction), as well as our long term and well-established relationship.

We do not have an exclusive or contractual relation with a particular agent. We indeed wish to choose freely, whilst maintaining a coherent agent policy. We thereby offer our customers the guarantee of quality service and competitive pricing. Obviously, when AGS is selected as a preferred provider to the ICC, the list of our professional worldwide partners will be at your disposal.

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