AGS Movers Warsaw – Client's feedback

October 2015

Hi Louise!

Got your warm winter woolies on yet?! It is only now starting to cool down here in Tel Aviv, though there were still swimmers out in the Med this morning.

Louise, please pass on our sincere thanks to the guys who packed us out of Warsaw. This was the best pack out we have ever had. Ever! Everything arrived just fine and in good shape. The shipping office guy who coordinated our move on this end even commented that he had never seen a shipment packed so well. And, everything, repeat everything arrived. You know what was particularly nice for me? These guys didn’t rob us. I have, unfortunately, experienced that in the past. So for all of our stuff to arrive and in good shape was HUGE for me.

Please pass this message on to Piotr and please make sure that the 4 guys who packed us out get this message too. As far as I am concerned, all 4 of them are rock stars!

Those 4 guys are the best example ever – in my almost 34 years with the Foreign Service – of how a pack out should be done. They are leaders in this profession and the whole moving business world would stand to benefit from their expertise and integrity.


Hope this email finds you doing well.


Jennifer H.
Moving from Warsaw to Tel Aviv