AGS Movers Delhi – About India

Overview of India

India is a country rich in diversity where the cuisine, traditional dress, culture and language change from region to region. These differences are largely accountable to the extreme differences in climate and terrain. In the west, the peninsula is bordered off by the India Ocean, and on the east, the Bay of Bengal. In the north, the rocky Himalayas is a border to the Asiatic mainland. Climate has also played a part in the development of unique, indigenous traits of Indian history and art. In addition, the great river systems, the watersheds of the Indus and Ganges have dominated cultural divisions within India.

The Economy

India is known for being cost effective and rich in labour and has seen extraordinary economic growth. India continues to benefit from the outsourcing of work and its strong manufacturing and export markets, in spite of the global economic downturn; international trade is slowly recovering. India’s economy was only affected late in the recession with a marked decrease in exports, capital outflow and corporate restructuring. Government authorities in India have implemented stimulus I N T E R N A T I O N A L  M O V E R S packages to bolster economic growth during the recession. The Indian government raised over $100 billion over the last four quarters, to finance the stimulus packages.

India’s economy is comprised of the service, manufacturing and agricultural sectors, although more than half of the population still relies on agriculture for its livelihood. The middle class (currently 50 million people) is growing at a rapid pace. Market-oriented economic reforms began in 1991, clearing the way for open foreign investment and exchange. India's largest trading partner is the U.S. Mutual trade reached $50 billion in 2008, with primary exports to the U.S. including textiles and ready-made garments, Internet-enabled services, agricultural and related products, gems and jewellery, leather products and chemicals. In spite of its booming market place, there is much scope in India for foreign investment in the power generation, telecommunication, mining and petroleum exploration and processing sectors, as well as public services such as ports, and roads.