AGS Movers Beijing – About Beijing

Overview of Beijing

Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China and the political, educational and cultural hub of the country. As a city rich in history, its palaces, great walls and temples rise up to form a breath-taking landscape. The city spans about 290 square miles in the North, bordered by the Heibei Province and Tianjin Municipality. Once known as “Peking”, Beijing is one of the four ancient cities in China. Beijing’s 22 million strong population consists of the Han, Manchu, Hui and Mongol ethnic groups. The city has a monsoon climate, with long summers and winters.

The Economy

Beijing’s GDP totaled US$174 billion in 2009, and the city is one of the most developed in China. The service industry contributes about 73.2% to the GDP, with the finance sector playing a vital role in the economy. Beijing has 26 Fortune Global 500 companies, the third highest in the world. The technology industry drives economic development in the city, and is mainly situated in the Zhongguancun Science Technological Center. Beijing is also becoming a hub for budding entrepreneurs.