AGS Movers Kenya – Services

International Removals

AGS Frasers in Nairobi specialises in both domestic and international removals to and from Kenya.
Our staff are able to assist you in French, English, Japanese, Swahili and Indi. From Nairobi, we manage about 350 moves a year. 

With our own trucks and twenty-six permanent employees who are at your disposal at all times, our removal company in Kenya has all the necessary resources to ensure a smooth and peaceful move to its clients.


AGS Frasers Kenya also benefits from the unique and advanced packing materials of the AGS Group. Because of the size of the AGS Group and the number of removals operations carried out every year, our removals branch in Nairobi is able to provide its clients with various cartons, which are tailored to the type of goods being transported. This not only increases the safety of the goods, but allows for improved space allocation, further reducing the cost of the removal.

Short- and Long-term Storage

If you are moving from Kenya, or have recently arrived back home and require storage for your goods, our 800 m² warehouse located in Nairobi, is available for all your goods including your vehicle, on both a short- and long-term storage basis. Your goods are completely safe with modern security system.

Record management and Storage

We also offers archive management services to companies and organisations

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