AGS Group CEO speaks to President Zuma and his delegation.

Alain TaiebDuring his State visit to Paris in early March 2011, the South African President, Jacob Zuma, met the members of MEDEF International, the International French Business Confederation.

Mr. Alain Taieb, Chairman of the AGS-Mobilitas Group, agreed to deliver a speech in front of the many french and south african business people present, to share his experience and success in this large emerging market. Click here to view the speech by Mr Alain Taieb

The AGS-Mobilitas Group has been in Africa since the opening of its branch in Ivory Coast almost 20 years ago. It has since grown quickly in Africa and has 55 subsidiaries in 44 countries today, with the objective of being in every African country by 2013.

During the speech Mr. Taieb highlighted the benefits of this unparalleled coverage of the continent for companies wishing to establish themselves:

“Our international removals and relocation activity makes us a gateway for companies wishing to settle in Africa”.

He then invited the French companies interested by the huge potential of Africa to follow the development path of the AGS Mobilitas Group, i.e. use South Africa as a stepping stone to then grow on the entire continent. Following this strategy, AGS-Mobilitas bought the South African Group, The Laser Transport Group (Pty) Ltd in 2001.  

This purchase opened the door to the entire Southern Africa area as LTG is present in South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

In addition to the advantage of its strategic position, Mr. Taieb emphasised on opportunities to be taken on the South African market: "Indeed, this is thanks to a strong partnership with GIN Holdings that our growth has accelerated." This joint venture began 9 years ago and allowed AGS Frasers to address the needs of the South African Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs Ministries: “As a result, they entrusted us the honour of handling the relocation of their diplomats and civil servants across the globe”.

The Parisian meeting between the International French Business Confederation business people and the South African delegation was the right occasion for Alain Taieb to encourage his fellow members to follow AGS-Mobilitas’ lead by investing in South Africa. He concluded by demonstrating that an increase of French investment in this country would be very beneficial to France, South Africa, and to the job market in the 2 countries, as well as the rest of Africa.

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