African Routes

AGS, sponsors the African Routes exhibition

Africa is the continent of the 21st century, an innovative, dynamic continent resolutely trade-oriented. AGS is one of the leaders of international mobility. It’s also the only company in the world to be physically present in each of the 54 African countries.

When we were contacted to sponsor the “African routes” exhibition, it was obvious to us that we had to do it. This might be surprising but let us explain how an international mobility company becomes the sponsor of an exhibit on Africa at the prestigious Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac Museum.

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AGS Group’s long-term African vision

The AGS story started 45 years ago, in France. Originally a small local moves company, it diversified into other industries (relocations, physical and digital records management) and other areas: Africa, of course, but also Europe, the French Overseas Territories and Asia. In 1993, when the group decided to develop its activities in Africa, this strategic direction surprised some people. Africa wasn’t fashionable yet, but AGS had already perceived the enormous potential of the continent. The group knew that it was committed to the long- term with a desire to accompany its clients’ relocations, to invest, recruit, train and develop in Africa.

Some 23 years later, the project is a true success, both from the perspective of the group’s expansion and from the development of the country where the group is present. We reached the objective of contributing to an inclusive, sustainable growth that creates value and employment and generates well-being for the populations through strong involvement in sectors such as health, education and environment.

Since 1993, hundreds of thousands of families have trusted the AGS expertise in international removals, relocations and global mobility services. Whether they are land routes, maritime routes, river routes or intangible routes, African routes are the centerpiece of its customers’ satisfaction and of its daily operations.

Since 1993, thousands of companies and institutions have trusted AGS for its expertise in logistics, records storage, and data and archive digitization in Africa. Only AGS can offer an expertise in the digitization of cultural heritage archives. This specific activity enables us to give new life to valuable records. Once digitized, the heritage document is permanently preserved, while still being available to the general public. This know-how is useful in the context of preserving the historical heritage of Africa. Thus, by training several young Malians in record storage best practices and by working on the preservation of historical documents in Timbuktu, AGS participated in the conservation of national heritage in Mali.

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AGS and the African continent, a great love story: "Where the heart leads, the mind follows."

At this stage of our narrative, our sponsoring of the “African Routes” exhibit should become clearer to you, but we haven’t told you everything.

We still have to add that our adventure with the Quai Branly Museum started over a year ago, when we decided that the Museum would be the ideal place to celebrate our complete coverage of the African continent. This magical place, dedicated in part to African arts, was the perfect place to welcome our 700 guests in September 2016.

Mask anthropo-zoomorphe © quai Branly museum - Jacques Chirac, picture Claude Germain.

Finally, and that’s certainly the most important point, the story between AGS and Africa is first and foremost a love story, illustrated by this Togolese saying that we chose for our Africa 54 project: “Where the heart leads, the mind follows”.

Alain TAIEB (AGS Chairman)

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